digital wine tasting

digital wine tasting

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1) one bottle of dry Merlot (red)

2) one bottle of dry Riesling (white)

3) one bottle of Silvaner Classic (white)

4) one bottle of Riesling, natural wine, mash fermentation; this wine has a natural depot.

5) one bottle of Rosè, feinherb (rose)

6) one bottle of dry Cuvee Elise (red)

In the 7th generation, organic-winemaker Agnes Schütte manages the family vinary in Rheinhessen, which father Albrecht converted to organic 30 years ago. Agnes is an archaeologist who has a penchant for soils and the history they can tell. And what for the archaeologist the finds, are for the winemaker their wines.Their character and intensity testify to the power and distinctiveness of natural soils.

Agnes is looking forward to all questions about the wines, but also about the theory and practice of organic viticulture. Especially during this time we want to taste together, enjoy and rediscover sustainable taste.